3 Important Tips To Remember When Purchasing A Fly-Fishing Pole

Fly fishing is an incredible hobby that gives you the chance to connect with nature and catch some huge fish. If you're just getting into this hobby and are in need of a fly-fishing pole, keep these buying tips in mind.  Select a Reputable Brand  There are many different brands to choose from when it comes to fly-fishing poles. Unfortunately, not every brand produces high-quality poles that will last a long time. [Read More]

Playing the Dating Game? 3 Ways to Score Big on Your Bowling Adventure

Whether you spent months messaging back and forth online or finally got the lady in the cubicle next to you to say yes, you know that this date has got to go well. Like a gentleman, you let her pick the venue, and suddenly you are going bowling. While silly shoes and keeping score will help keep your mind out of the gutter, you subtly shivered when she picked bowling because you haven't been bowling in years. [Read More]

Four Types Of Compound Bows

Compound bows are a type of bow which makes use of mechanical wheels, or cams, to increase the force at which an arrow is shot from the bow. This makes them much more powerful to traditional recurve bows or longbows. However, there are several different types of compound bows, each of which operates in a different manner. Understanding the differences between the varying types of compound bows can help you choose the best one for you. [Read More]

Two Things That Can Help You Hit Your Firearm Target: Breathing & Hydration

If you'd like to improve your shot groups, you can get new firearm optics. However, there are two important things that you can do to improve the way your firearm and the optic system works: how you breathe and your hydration. Here's what you need to know. Control Your Breathing When your breathing is controlled, it allows more oxygen to be carried throughout your body, which reduces your blood pressure, reduces the tension in your muscles, and improves your concentration. [Read More]